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As I communicated, we are setting up a Museum & Archives in Buxton, which created the need to ship the three barrels sent. The weight of the barrels were a challenge, however, barrels were picked up as promised and reached Guyana without problems. I gave permission and paid for door to door delivery which saved me much time & headache in clearing the barrels. The delivery staff were very accommodating, since they had to wait to unload. Great service, keep it up.

Keith Easton

Letter from The Chancellor Emeritus – The University of the West Indies:

University of the West Indies

Good morning Mr. Royston. Mrs Meadows here, just like to say thank you to you and your staff for your superb customer service.

Sandra Meadow

Caribbean Cargo DC is the absolute best!!! For someone who was an international shipping novice, they made my experience pleasant and efficient!! read more

‘m writing to give my heartfelt thank you for all of your help in shipping relief items to St. Thomas. Every person that I spoke with at Caribbean Cargo was professional and kind.

Jen Corey Baca

Shanika & Sherika

Our annual sojourn to Caribbean Cargo DC is a pleasant tradition. My Mommy & I have never had a single issue on U.S. end or in Kingston! I highly recommend their services…. It is flat out top-notch!

Sherrie Edwards

After deciding to locate to Jamaica, we needed a shipping company to ship our household items. We contacted several companies, but ultimately decided on Caribbean Cargo DC. The employees were professional from the time of pick up until the items arrived in Jamaica. Additionally, all of our questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner.

Herbert and Gail Myrie

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