‘m writing to give my heartfelt thank you for all of your help in shipping relief items to St. Thomas. Every person that I spoke with at Caribbean Cargo was professional and kind.

Jen Corey Baca

Shanika & Sherika

Our annual sojourn to Caribbean Cargo DC is a pleasant tradition. My Mommy & I have never had a single issue on U.S. end or in Kingston! I highly recommend their services…. It is flat out top-notch!

Sherrie Edwards

After deciding to locate to Jamaica, we needed a shipping company to ship our household items. We contacted several companies, but ultimately decided on Caribbean Cargo DC. The employees were professional from the time of pick up until the items arrived in Jamaica. Additionally, all of our questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner.

Herbert and Gail Myrie

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the excellent quality of service provided by Caribbean Cargo DC. My experience with your FANTASTIC COMPANY as I relocated from the US to Guyana and back to the US was handled with great professionalism.

Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte‎

I would like to say Thank You for taking care of the Problem that arose from the Shipment of a barrel to Trinidad and Tobago, I admired the way you Handled the matter, you were very professional and caring, My Sister received the barrel , there were no problems, the storage fees were waived and she was given a little rebate for the extended delay. She was very happy, “cause she needed some of the handicap related items that I sent. I am very pleased and I will continue doing business with your company, further more I will refer your office to others.

Thank You

Marilyn Seenath

The container and my personal effects were safely delivered to my residence in Belgium some weeks ago. I wish to thank you again most sincerely for the professionalism of Caribbean Cargo DC and the manner in which you and your company/workers acquitted yourself/themselves during the course of the asssessment, packing, shipping and delivery. Moreover, the fact that you were able to deliver at very short notice after having been notified that you were selected to ship my personal effects reflects very positively on your experience and commitment. I remain very appreciative.

Colin Connelly
Ambassador, Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago

“I have been shipping with Caribbean Cargo DC for over 5 years to Trinidad. Their service is excellent, their office staff is courteous, communication top of the line, pickup is punctual, the personnel very friendly. Shipping is quick and receipt of goods in Trinidad is on time as their shipping brochure indicated. No hassle. I would give them 5 stars out of 5. When you ship with Caribbean Cargo DC, you have nothing to worry about from pick up to collection of goods. Keep up the good service, and Thank You!”

~ Janet T.D. (Trinidad) ~

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Janet T.D.

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